I took the field home, its out there
In the car, I hope in there is the humane
Humanity. For two days I surfed
The muck through ten thousand
In a wheelchair through the revellers
of music to three stages of life.

This was really the new order ,
Ireland in the summer of 2012.
I’ll say it again because it needs to be
said, I surfed the muck and ten thousand
people and not a word of animosity.
I’ve been to Reading, Glastonbury,
W.o.m.a.d., the Fleadh and never
Have I seen and felt this humanity.

For two days I sat there watching
The crowd move like an irish wave.
was given free food by the stall
Sabo-to-go at closing time, a stall
of Vietnamese cuisine. Thanx!

I watched people dance do cart-
wheels and do strange things
to lamp-posts but not once did
not once feel like I had two heads
or think myself a cripple in a wheel-
chair. Two glorious days I’ll re-
member for the rest of my days.

My only problem was getting lost
And found on the inner and outer ring.
Sometimes its good to get lost
And found on the outer and inner ring.
Last year I cried at Glastonbury on T.V.
Thinking id never again be there and here
I am thanx to the people the staff and a friend.