for Stephanie

I was watching ‘his mothers son’
the story of George best. I was
thinking of you, alive and sober.
I don’t think you could have handled
this life, this credit crunch,
this negativity and I don’t blame you
for what you did.

They say ‘why kill time
when you can kill yourself’.
If only you were alive
i'd show you how to be sober.
I took a stroke you know
and it crippled me and left me
Paralysed in a wheelchair,
things move slower and it gets
Pretty lonely at times but
what right have I to kill myself
I was given life im gonna be here
until the end.

Violence against violence
doesn’t work you only leave
a mess for your kids to clean up.
Everybody here is well, oh
your daughter got married
and had a child, bet your sorry
you missed that one.
See sometimes we have to kill time
and wait for the magic
moments in life.

Well steph until the next time
love you bye x.
Imagine the man that created us
is with you six feet under
he was a bastard son
left on someones doorstep
So this is a step
in the right direction.

Maybe the grand mother/father
we never knew had alcohol
in thier blood,theres a missing
link somewhere.


Stephanie Fox