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Adrian Fox was born in Kent, England in March 1961. His family moved to Belfast in 1967 when he was 6 years old. He spent most of his youth in the riot torn streets of Ardoyne in North Belfast.

Adrian studied under the great poet Jimmy Simmons. Many of his poems have been translated into Hungarian, Philippino and Indonesian and his poetry has also appeared in Libyan newspapers. During the late 1990's and early 2000's He read in Hungarian universities as part of the program for peace.

He has an M.A. in Creative Writing and his work has been published by Poetry Ireland, Cyphers, Honest Ulsterman, Black Mountain Review, Poetry Guild, Poetry Society and Coffee House.

A selection of his work appeared in the anthology Breaking the Skin (Black Mountain Press, 2002), and also, Hide Dada, Hide (Lapwing Press 1999)

As a tribute to all those who died during the troubles in Northern Ireland, Adrian and the folk singer Rodney Cordner created the CD Violets based on the Lost Lives book, where every person who died during the latest troubles of Northern Ireland are listed.

Adrian Fox. Poet and Artist<

Adrian now lives in Craigavon, County Armagh, Northern Ireland and teaches creative writing in the Armagh area. He also teaches online tutorials that look at all genres of creative writing.

If anyone is interested in these online tutorials, Adrian can be contacted by following this link

Adrian Fox in 2012

ZOM-ME (2012)

The new E-Book by Adrian Fox consisting of short stories, essays, paintings and poetry is due to be released later in 2012.


Click here for large image of Zom-me and read Adrian's thoughts on his new project

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July 10th 2012:


Below is a photograph of Adrian when he was only aged 8 years. The photo is a paused image taken from a 1969 television program about the British Army on the streets of Ardoyne in North Belfast during the 'Troubles'.

Adrian Fox Irish Poet 1969

June 26th 2012:


Twelve new poems have been submitted to the adrianfox.org web site. You can read Adrian's latest poetry by going to the poetry page or clicking on the individual poems in the right hand columns.


Still Life

Almost Balancing

The Orchestra of Happiness

Heart Space

The Pure Stuff

Winter Pollen

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